What would you tell the pope?


Pope Francis’ visit to New York City was one of the most highly anticipated news events in 2015. In preparation for his visit, Newsday asked readers what messages they wanted to deliver to the pope.

The project — which involved collaboration between Newdsay, amNewYork and News12 — received more than 450 high-quality submissions from users across the tri-state area. Selected submissions were posted on the Madison Square Garden marquee prior to the pope’s mass there.

I was the primary project manager and developer for this project, responsible for building, moderating and promoting the page.

Election 2014: Endorsement guide

Endorsement guide

The Editorial Board wrote endorsements in all of Long Island’s State Assembly and State Senate races and in races for Congress, Governor, Attorney General and State Comptroller. Online, the endorsement guide included more than 50 videos and issue-by-issue breakdowns of key races.

I was responsible for managing the production and editing all of the Board’s video content. In addition, I oversaw the presentation and promotion of endorsements online to ensure that they reached the largest possible audience with the greatest possible impact.

See the complete endorsements package here.

Matt Davies’ political cartoons website

Matt Davies website

To feature the work of Newsday’s new editorial cartoonist, I built a new tool to display, sort and share political cartoons.

Previously, Newsday featured cartoons in a photo gallery. Users were able to see the cartoons, but they could not share or discuss them individually. The new tool provides a unique, permanent URL for each cartoon and allows users to quickly filter and sort cartoons by topic. Each cartoon is individually indexed by search engines, another improvement over the previous system.

The cartoons website functions as a WordPress plugin, so other Newsday staff members can quickly use the same template.

The project was built using PourOver.js and Sammy.js.

Click here to see it in action.

Editorial Madness


In honor of March Madness, Newsday’s editorial board invited readers to pick the editorials they loved to hate.

We selected 32 editorials from seven decades of archives. Some of the pressing issues of the day, such as racial covenants for houses in Levittown, were decided decades ago. Others, concerning deeply rooted Long Island institutions, such as the Long Island Power Authority and Nassau Interim Finance Authority, remain controversial today. In each pairing in the brackets, we asked readers to select the opinion that you feel best shows where the editorial board went off the rails. The editorial with the most votes moved to the next round.

I was responsible for the initial conception of the project, as well as the design and development work. This project was coded using HTML, JavaScript and PHP.

See the project: http://opinion.newsday.com/editorial-madness/

amNY.com redesign


The redesign of amNY.com replaced an outdated, static page. It is fully responsive and placed special emphasis on making news easily accessible, providing easy access to transit information, and allowing amNY’s staff to tell stories with photo galleries and video.

I was part of a team of four Newsday staff members who led and managed the redesign process, which took nearly 1 year. The team was responsible for understanding the needs of amNY’s staff and readership; facilitating communication between senior editors, the amNY staff and developers; and testing the final site before launch.

See the new website at http://amny.com.

Newsday Endorses microsite

For the 2013 election, Newsday’s editorial board met with 42 candidates to evaluate the records of the incumbents and the aspirations of the challengers.

I was responsible for shooting video of each editorial board meeting and editing clips to support the board’s choice. In addition, I built a microsite to give reader’s access to all of the board’s endorsements.

See the project: http://newsday.com/endorsements

This link no longer shows content from 2013.

Take the Podium

Newsday’s opinion pages seek to be a reasoned and pragmatic forum for Long Island and its values. Take the Podium is an interactive feature that seeks to further that mission.

In print, Newsday’s editorials, columns, op-eds and letters to the editor give voice to Long Islanders’ opinions about politics, policy and life on Long Island. Take the Podium offers Long Islanders a way to take part in substantive discussion.

Take the Podium aks questions critical to the region’s future and invites users to respond. In this moderated forum, Newsday posts user responses as well as those from invited experts, public figures and Newsday’s editorial board. To elevate the level of conversation, users post with their real names and all comments are reviewed before they appear.

Click here to see the project

Private Money, Public Schools

Over the past three decades, private money has played an inreasingly important role in the funding of public schools. Despite representing just over one percent of the current school budget, non-governmental funding has given private foundations unprecedented power to steer policy and spending decisions. in the last three years, increases in private spending on education have far outpaced increases in governmental spending.

This project included a print graphic and an online version which uses jQuery, Google Fusion Tables and ProPublica’s timeline creation tool.