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Long Island’s culture of power brokers nextLI is a forum for Long Islanders to discuss the future and foster consensus around ways to make the region competitive, affordable and welcoming. Funded by a charitable project grant from The Rauch Project, the site is an opportunity to envision a digital future for the newspaper editorial board. I helped build the initial grant proposal, negotiate the terms and work on the ideas day-to-day implementation. Click here to learn more

The Point

The Point is a newsletter produced by the Newsday opinion section. It provides a daily look inside New York politics for an audience of insiders and political activists. I helped conceive the new product, taking it from idea to reality. The Point was Newsday’s first newsletter to offer original reporting, rather than just headlines. Click here to subscribe

Analysis I’ve contributed to The Point

Long Island’s culture of power brokers

Long Island’s culture of power brokers The former Nassau County executive. The former Suffolk County district attorney. The former Suffolk County police chief. The former Oyster Bay town supervisor. None have escaped federal prosecutors. We asked readers for their take about Long Island’s transactional political culture. See the full project

Open Seat

Congressman Steve Israel was a rising star within the House Democratic leadership, with prominent committee assignments and influence with the President. He shocked political observers in Washington and on Long Island when he announced in January 2016 that he wouldn’t seek re-election. The to replace him campaign began as soon as Israel made his announcement in January, 308 days before the election.

Donald Trump’s progress report

Donald Trump's progress report Ahead of President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office, the Newsday editorial board asked readers to evaluate Trump’s performance. Readers offered letter grades on seven tasks and extended feedback about how their opinions had changed since the election. See the full project

Police, power, politics

Why was Nassau County Police Commissioner Thomas Dale fired? The answer has to do with close ties between top police officials and Nassau’s political class. The story of Dale’s resignation starts with Randy White, a 29-year-old Roosevelt man who testified to campaign irregularities that would keep former Freeport Mayor Andrew Hardwick off the ballot in Nassau’s county executive race. See the full project

Matt Davies’ cartoons

Matt Davies cartoons To feature the work of Newsday’s editorial cartoonist, Matt Davies, I built a tool to display, sort and share political cartoons. Previously, Newsday featured cartoons in a photo gallery. Users were able to see the cartoons, but they could not share or comment on them individually. The project was built using PourOver.js and Sammy.js. See it in action

What would you tell Pope Francis?

Pope Francis As head of the Catholic Church and by the force of his personality, Pope Francis has emerged as one of the world’s most influential and energetic leaders. In preparation for his visit, Newsday’s opinion section asked readers what messages they wanted to deliver to the pope. See the full project

Mourning Prayer

Mourning Prayer is a short documentary following the closing weeks of Temple Emanuel at Parkchester, a conservative Jewish synagogue in the Bronx that closed after a history of more than 60 years.

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